About Us

Principal Martin Knipe has been dealing with banking and financial disputes since the late 1990s, following time in various roles in the main high street lender. This wealth of experience coupled with a tightly knitted team whom have been dealing with clients concerns and difficulties over a number of years adding to this experience is now helping clients seek financial justice in recovering monies lost as a result of fraud.

Between us we have experience of dealing with thousands of cases of financial concerns on behalf of clients. With this experience we are able to help clients in what is an incredibly difficult situation where monies have been lost as a result of fraudulent activity. This experience enables us to approach the financial institution whether it is a bank or another finance provider in a way that will maximise the opportunity to obtain financial recovery.

Fraud against clients of financial institutions has grown tremendously over recent years and is linked directly to the growing and necessary use of online banking and financial transactions. Fraudsters use this relatively new medium to obtain information and find new and elaborate ways of procuring monies from clients under the noses of the very financial institutions that should be protecting a client’s money and financial standing.

All frauds whilst they seem straightforward and easy take planning and apart from a lone opportunist thief or pick pocket normally involve some degree of organised crime against large numbers of individuals or businesses in order to make the financial fraud or scam worthwhile. Sadly by the time most scams have occurred the banks or regulators are too slow to react to protect many of their clients and those whom they should be responsible in protecting their finances.